We offer Magento for eCommerce projects where rich functionality, good scalability and system integration is important business factor. Perfect choice for brand distributors and manufacturers too.

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What are the bases of Magento development?

Magento is a PHP based software which is based on a high-performance web development framework. The PHP environment supports the use of the most popular databases including Magento's MySQL database solution.

These are all industry standards that are recognized and proven worldwide. Magento is not a closed system, and like to use market-leading technologies and policies in our projects.

With Magento there are two different constructions: the Community Edition (CE) and the Enterprise Edition (EE) which is available at an annual license fee.  CE is able to serve the needs of most web stores, EE is primarily recommended for large companies due to the associated manufacturer support. 

The design phase of the project is very critical and the time and energy is largely determined by the quality of the final product. The project allows the duration of the order of 1/3 through-out the design, while the rest of the development itself. For projects with large system integration and many custom development projects is is worthwhile to calculate with larger project duration. 

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How long does a Magento webshop development project take? 

The turnaround time of a project is determined by its functional content and complexity.  We begin the web store development with planning. The first step of this process is need assessment and design guidance. This is followed by ergonomic design where we define the logical structure of the main surfaces of the webshop on a wireframe level.

After the ergonomic design we made the design plans and the specifications for the system. The development phase is followed by a test phase and a content upload phase to upload content.

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What are the system integration capabilities of Magento? 

Proper and automated synchronization of business information is essential point in the life of an eCommerce business. We integrate webshops primarily with billing programs, ERP software, CRM systems and banking softwares. 

Magento offers good opportunities for integration through data link solutions based on industry standards. The synchronization of product and inventory information, customer data and purchase two-way transmission, moving products, transfer of commercial informations, in addition to a wide range of connection with bank payment systems serving other business process integrations feasible. 

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What server requirements are worth calculating? 

Magento's fast and proper operation is greatly influenced by the server configuration it runs on. Magento is a robust e-commerce target software and the infrastructure requirements are higher than average website or a simple boxed webshop engine.  

We suggest that a dedicated server may be necessary in addition to smaller loads or simple functionality of a VPS is appropriate. If the webshop is integrated with ERP it is advisable to run the integration middleware on a seperate server. Conventional shared storage is not at all suitable for the operation of Magento.

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What client-side competencies have suggested for a successful project?

As a customer, it's worth considering first, whether we are ready for in-house implementation and long-term operation. Most importantly it will require a client-side project manager for the project manager with basic technical knowledge of development and at least basic IT and commercial expertise. 

In our projects so far we have experienced that the lack of a trained client-side project manager is a serious risk factor in both scheduling and resource planning. It is at least as important to have a web editing specialist available on the order side who will perform the content editing and administration tasks of the webshop. 

It is also necessary to have at least periodically available graphic design staff on the client's side for image editing, creative production, advertising and promotion design.

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