We are Eazy Digital Agency, founded in Budapest, Hungary, with the core of our professional team working together since 2013.

  • The largest division is Google and Facebook ad management but we covering different areas from online marketing to a 360-degree full-service.
    The team contains 9 internal colleagues, and 7 freelancers as external colleagues.

  • The managed Google Ads portfolio was 2,85 million Euros in 2018.

  • Last year the session number of developed and managed websites was 19 million (including 17 million of owned media).

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Managing Directors, Founders

Company team

Tamás MOLNÁR, Head of Agency Services

"I am a passionated digital marketer with a strong ambition to prove the sceptics that online marketing is not as dangerous and complicated as it seems."

Tamás is a Google and Facebook certified trainer.

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Company team

Márk KOCSIS, General Manager 

"After ten years in online marketing industry I can say that it’s a passion for me. My beloved working areas are dynamic remarketing and the financial modeling of advertising activities."

Márk is a Google certified trainer.

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