Facebook Ad Management

Facebook gives you one of the most effective tools in online advertising. Reach potential customers even on Instagram, Messenger or in the Audience network.

Ad objectives to reach your goal

  • Be able to show ads to people who are most likely to recall them with the 'Brand awareness' objective.

  • Maximize the number of the people who see your advertisement. Build brand awareness and change brand perception with 'Reach'.

  • Be able to find new customers with 'Lead Generation' and it's contact forms.

  • Increase brand consideration.

  • Get product conversions with variable platforms and ad formats.

  • Start conversations and help customers to move from consideration to action with the power of 'Messages'.

  • Promote your inventory with 'Dynamic ads'.

Ad formats and placements to maximise value 

  • Perform better with Images containing less than 20% text.

  • Feature multiple products or highlight features with Carousel creatives.

  • Browse and purchase products with a seamless, visually satisfying way, using Collections.

  • Present the feeling of full-effect HQ content with Instant experience.

  • Capture attention in a 15 seconds Video to present your brand and tell your story.

  • Communicate information about your inventory with images, prices, descriptions and more in 'Catalogues'. Tag products in Instagram or create dynamic ads to reach people who's already got in touch with your products.

  • Use creative tools from the bulit-in camera effects like Hyperlapse to Augmented Reality with 'Stories'. 

In default options Facebook automatically choses the placement for your ads. It could seem to be easy, but might not be the best solutions to optimize a campaign. In fact, it can easily cause irrelevant distribution of the ad.

With Facebook Ads it's available to chose between platforms like Facebook itself (feeds, instant articles, in-stream videos, right column, suggested videos stories) , Messenger (inbox, stories, sponsored messages), Audience Network (native ads, banners, in-stream videos, app-reward videos), Marketplace or Instagram (feed and stories). 

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Target potential audience

It's easy to find the best people for advertising with detailed targeting, custom- and lookalike audiences.

Existing customer lists, web and app traffic can be used, even for creating an audience similar to the ones who's in touch with your business already.

Insights also help with detailed information in the creation of more relevant campaigns.