Advertising Agency

You can be a brand or a performance led client, we help you finding new clients and staying in touch with the reguler costumers. Beside our online solutions, we built several 360 degrees campaign with traditional media elements, like print, radio, tv, outdoor, cinema, etc.

Media planning & buying

Having a good creative concept is not enough. You need to know what is the best way to reach your costumers on every traditional channel. 

There are more media channels in advertising than even before, so stay ROI focused is harder then ever. 

Are you looking for an agency to build impactful campaigns, but still spending budget like their own money? Look no further, contact us. 

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Strategic planning

According to your business plan we help you build a media strategy that delivers with the expected ROI. Tell us your main KPIs and join into our flow, to build a long term profitable media presence. What are you waiting for? 

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tactical planning

Do you have a good media strategy, but still worrying about the high traditional advertising prices? We have several strategic deals with sales houses, publishers, media owners, so take our hand, and we won't let you down.

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Still missing something?  Yes, you will need those radio and tv spots, print ads, and creative assets for the outdoor campaign. 

Earth without art is just Eh, so let us introduce you our creative division.