EAZY Digital Agency

ROI, AI, PPC, SEO, CRM...OMG stop the jargon!
We simply get you more business online, full stop.


EAZY Digital is a new wave digital agency founded in Budapest. The largest division is Google and Facebook ad management.

E-commerce most effectively

ROI, AI, PPC, SEO, CRM... OMG! Stop the jargon! We simply get you more business online, full stop.

Your numbers. Multiplied.

We have an impressive list of numbers: the money we earned for our clients, the increase in their sales, and the seminars we held. But we want to show you your numbers. Multiplied.

The WOW without the BS

We listen to your needs, speak your language, and understand your customers. We use a combination of AI and HI (Human Intelligence) to turn your quarterly meetings to endless celebrations of increased sales.

We share with you all our tricks

We have been breathing ecommerce marketing each day of the last 10 years (except some well-deserved holidays.) We give you the shortcut to it all and make you a superstar without having to go through the hard stuff.

Sounds too good to be true? We believe in proofs: if you don’t like what we teach for whatever reason, you owe us nothing. Is it a deal?



Indoor, outdoor


TV, Radio


Media Planning

Social Media Management

Full Campaign Management and Optimisation


Online and print graphic design

Photo, video



Content creation (TikTok, Reels)


PR Communication

Press Communication

Social Media Communication

Native Content, Branded Content



CRM and Marketing Automation

Email marketing, automation

Lead generation, pop-up management

Search Engine Optimization

Feed management

Data Science

Analytics and Tag Manager Configuration

Target Group Segmentation

Machine Learning

Big Data


Landing Page and Microsite Development

Development of Dynamic Creatives

UX and Front-End

HTML Email templates

Be digital. Sell more.

Work together for our successful future.


General Manager

"After ten years in online marketing industry I can say that it’s a passion for me. My beloved working areas are dynamic remarketing and the financial modeling of advertising activities."

Márk is a Google certified trainer.

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Head of Agency Services

"I am a passionated digital marketer with a strong ambition to prove the sceptics that online marketing is not as dangerous and complicated as it seems."

Tamás is a Google and Facebook certified trainer.

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Our clients

Our products are designed for small to medium size companies willing to optimize their performance.